Tyler Candle 22oz- Red Carpet

Tyler Candles

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Tyler Candle 22oz- Red Carpet

Tyler Candle 22 oz Jars

Tyler Candles 22 oz jars have a long lasting burn time of 110 to 130 hours. Customers enjoy buying the 22 oz jars to individually scent different rooms in their homes.

Some of the more popular Tyler Candle scents for the 22 oz. Jars are Pineapple Crush and Warm Sugar Cookie. Pineapple Crush is great in the summer for a refreshing fruity scent while Warm Sugar Cookie is great for the kitchen with it's warm fresh baked cookie smell.

Burn Time: 110-130 hours

Red Carpet

Invitation only! Sicilian lemon and red passion fruit begin this sophisticated medley! Velvet plum raspberry puree dripping with golden honey covered in rich amber with exotic spices!! Made of all-natural soy and paraffin.